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  1. I can relate to the numbing and reduce stress part, I was out today and started to just be with my body and I noticed how much pain I have been carrying around. Other support, sure I was looking to get a therapist and see what kind of groups there are in person. Yes, I was successful previously but now that I moved back to my parents place and with the pandemic I started gaming again, this included other things like web browsing and using my phone too much. It's work to correct this.
  2. Thanks for the encouragement.
  3. Thank you all for the responses, I will respond individually later. But so far the course is going well (completed and implementing) and I appreciate this community alot.
  4. I wanted to add some extra info. In recent years I've discovered that I have a disability (ADHD and ASD), that has hindered my social skills and also I have been on anti depressions twice in my life because of stuggling with depression and anxiety, partially from being rejected at high school which still effects my self esteem to this day. I've experienced a lot of social rejection and feelings of being an outsider and only now am I dealing with adjusting to my disability, with applying for government support and getting support with it. I feel I will be almost recreating myself and opening myself up to being vulnerable. It's a bit of a scary thought and its uncharted territory.
  5. I got a dilema where I cant uninstall games off the xbox or sell the console I game with as it isn't mine, it's someone I'm living withs. The only idea I have is to ask that he change the login passcode to something that I don't know and explain that I want to quit gaming. No other ideas, what you think? Cheers
  6. Hi all, I've realised that I can't stop playing this one game. I stopped playing for years but I play almost every week night. It feels like the funnest thing in my life right now. I got some issues and challenges to work through so I'm hoping this course will help me to do that. I live in Australia, studying to become a personal trainer. Trying to work on my social skills and move out of my parents home. I DJ as a hobby, would like to play a team sport or do BJJ. I feel very much stuck and it feels almost like gaming is the only thing I'm interested in sometimes.