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  1. Hey! My name is Gabe I'm a full time video editor and I'm here because I feel gaming negatively impacting and putting me behind in basically every area of my life. The games I've been addicted to are Rocket League, Smite and CSGO. I haven't properly done work in in weeks and it might cost me my job so here we are. I don't yet know what kind of hobbies I'll replace it with or even the approach this program takes but I'm excited to move forward and meet fellow gamequitters here!
  2. Hi all. I've had a complicated relationship with video games. I've been on a constant loop of installing and uninstalling them, and only just realized that they are an addiction so we now begin this program. I'm excited to see where it will take me. At the moment, I'm a full time video editor, and complete newbie motorcyclist (just bought it and rode it for the first time yesterday. Not sure yet what my goals are. I'm behind on many of my obligations, to my family, girlfriend, myself, and most areas of my life. But here is to change! Will have to report more tomorrow! This is cool. Can't wait to meet my fellow gamequitter and make new friends!