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  1. Thanks Zeno, I talked with her about the website briefly this weekend and we planned to discuss (game addiction in general) further today. I'm not sure if she would join the community or the program as well, since she can't really speak English. We'll see though, for now I'll just try to share the knowledge! Appreciate the reply
  2. Hello, My name is Stan and I've been into getting good at video games since I've been like 5 years old. Gaming instantly clicked with me and since then I've basically always been the 'gamer guy'. I have always played with a mindset to become good and I've basically always been better (and in some games a lot better) than my friends. This gave me a sense of achievement and people always respected me for my skills (and jokingly called me a nerd). At some point I started online gaming with friends (I would say 13 years old) and that basically became my life. I do have great memories and have met awesome people, even someone who got me into music production (which I still do to this day as well). And I even met my current day girlfriend through gaming. There is a lot more to say about gaming for me, but it has basically been the most important thing in my life. But now, I feel like I want to start a new chapter. My girlfriend is not in the best place at the moment and she started talking about how she wants to quit gaming, because she feels it's taking over her life for the worse. This got me thinking and I started researching. Then I found Game Quitters and it instantly resonated with me. I really feel like I want to quit as well now. There is a lot of stuff besides gaming that gets me excited to do and get good at (pianoooo) and I've always put that aside because of gaming. So now I've started the Respawn program and am excited to see where it gets me. Right now I'm slowly doing The Odin Project and I'm an intern during my final year as a Computer Scientist (I have a lot to say about this as well) Thanks for reading and I'm down to have a conversation or whatever. Cheers mate
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