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  1. Haven't updated the journal in a couple days. Just been super busy with schoolwork and I have not relapsed. I went out with some friends to a bar on Saturday and had a great time, I would like to do things like this more but I am so bogged down with schoolwork it just isn't really possible. I have also been watching a ton of hulu with my spare time, this is not a great replacement for gaming obviously but I'm not quite sure how to find better hobbies during COVID. Once I get back home from school I'm planning on getting a gym membership and going to the beach frequently. Overall not a ba
  2. Today the cravings weren't too bad, I went on youtube and cleared out all of the recommendations related to gaming which was helpful. I talked to my aunt today and she was supportive of my quitting gaming, but she was really trying to rush me into finding other hobbies and things I am passionate about. I tried to explain to her that it was going to take some time and I really just need to focus on my schoolwork for a bit and I will try to find some new hobbies after the semester. I woke up at 2am yesterday and I really wanted to stay up to 9pm but I ended up taking a nap from noon
  3. Thank you guys for the feedback. I took some of your advice and went for a walk today. Ill divide my day up into the things I did well and the things I did poorly. Achievements I finished several different assignments and emailed the professors for the I classes I am behind in and they were willing to give me an extension. I also took a shower and ate breakfast and lunch. Underachievements I spent a few hours watching comedy shows today which isn't something I normally do, but it really took my mind off of gaming for a little while as the cravings were really inte
  4. I have finally decided to give up playing League of Legends after playing for 8 years. I will give some background information about myself and my introduction to gaming as well as my fall into addiction. I began playing video games around first or second grade, I had the Playstation 2 initially as well as a Nintendo DS. I loved Pokemon, Mario Kart, and a bunch of PS2 games. I fell in love with gaming and it became a way for me to pass the time rather than watching tv. I eventually found Call of Duty in 3rd grade and thought it was awesome so I got it on the PS3 and played almost everyday. I p