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  1. What reasons does your bf give for his behavior? I would give him a month to get his act together, and to show he's committing himself to, at the least 1 hour a day, preferably 2 hours committed to applying for jobs. What does he do in the mornings now? Is he depressed? Has he had a lack of something in his childhood -- affection/discipline? There are several affordable resources for him to at least start his road to recovery. If you lead him to the water and he does not drink, as hard as it is to do, it is probably best to move on. You have to give him an ultimatum and light a fire under his
  2. I am a 25-year old male, on the verge of man-child. Man-child as I understand it is the inability to be consistent and follow through with morally upright and others-considering principles. My two main footholds are occasional porn and video-game consumption. The video games can be an awful source of guilt. During my time in college I would often blow the whole day playing Hearthstone, feeling guilty and falling into a pit of despair and feelings of helplessness. Fast forward and things are largely better. I hold a full-time and a part-time job. The pay for both is not enough for me to li