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  1. Not gonna lie I think the journal reporting and thing is not that useful. Just sacrifice time and focus on the right now is the true effective method, and not being on "auto pilot" like you said. Still, I am the type that needs a replacement addiction to get rid of another addiction. Thankfully I'm trying to build myself more academically, physically, socially, and spiritually as I'm reducing my hours to (hopefully a halt to 0) almost none. edit: one thing that sucks is I absolutely love MMA and swimming, and in Toronto both of those are locked down completely. I also have a tiny vicious cycle of telling myself "I don't have time to do those/go outside" so I stay in but instead and waste time on much more useless things like sometimes video games or watching things/browsing purposeless things.
  2. Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement 🙂 I have uninstalled every video game except for VR Boxing, which is 99% exercise, and I kept Valorant for occasions where I may play with friends, as a nice break and mind/reflex motor skills training/team building game, up to maximum 1 deathmatch warmup and 1 competitive game a day (Edit: This is like up to approximately ~1 hour playtime max, sometimes a match can last 15+minutes if it's a stomp) I'm now actually streaming myself studying on twitch.tv/jad935 and I ask people to come and ask me questions on the content I'm learning openly. It's been a lot better than what I was doing before so far.
  3. Why is it so hard??? Can anyone share what helped them / the science about what helps best to get off games and into the mentality to work harder/motivate to study? Thanks
  4. Okay, my only fun from now on will be reading my course materials, occasionally if i'm extremely bored 20 mins max allotted (will time it exactly) of mobile games. watching my lecture materials, and exercise. I've honestly just fucked up non-stop back to back, haven't committed to the journal, etc... I only have 17 days left in my semester and if I don't try my hardest now, i'm fucked. Hoping for maximum productivity outcome.
  5. I've connected with a classmate and got some help/old tests from them. That in itself has also helped a lot; but what has helped the most is exactly what you said. I'm not playing as much anymore; but the reality is I really, really like video games >.< I can't shake off the adrenaline/rush of top fragging and winning a competitive strategic match in Valorant, etc... So far I haven't played anything else, and even then I'm hitting slightly over 3 hours at the beginning and now I'm naturally under 3 hours. But now, I slept early yesterday and chose to wake up early today like a regular person should. I'm energized, worked out very slightly in the morning, I'm refreshed and clean and ready for this day. I realized something as simple as changing my bed/pillow sheets and making my bed has given me a tiny sense of accomplishment that's satisfied me more than binging hours of valorant and not feeling accomplished. It's crazy how something that's somewhat a tiny bit productive and useful in real life can compare to hours of a video game. I can't wait to report back to my journal and log what I've done today 😄 Thank you Carya, you're an awesome person for helping me 🙂 I don't know if I would've been strong enough to take the first step if people didn't help respond to be honest
  6. I really do want to help people and I'm very passionate towards my career in biomedical engineering; I just can not control video game addiction and instant gratification. I'm extremely procrastinative and sometimes I just choose to give in; before I'd study a few minutes before a test in high school and still get 80s and 90s, but university isn't as easy... because I don't even attend my classes, everything is supposed to be done on your own. My total playtime of video games since like grade 5 when I got Team Fortress 2 / Garry's mod has been a total of over 30,000 hours I'd say easily If there is a deeper psychological reason, it was to cope with some of the issues of a strict dad, and the shitty situations of political unrest and war in Lebanon where I grew up, but those issues have chipped away gradually since I was 9 years old/in Grade 4. I have no excuse I just can not get myself motivated to get a grip and finish my work earlier, enjoy life, I used to swim and do MMA and enjoy life; during that time I was more social and it curbed my game playtime, but I obviously can't do those in lockdown right now... I know no one in my classes
  7. Rocky start... Restarting, 3/16 11pm-11:59 3/17 12-1:30am I need to stop almost completely for my engineering online studies which I'm very behind in and have 3 tests next week for 😞 so I'm limiting myself to only valorant and I've passed my 3 hours marks, and when I'm not playing i've been severely distracted by youtube. I also watched darling in the franxx and I liked it so much I got hit with a little bit of depression being obsessed with that anime. (so far i've done ZERO work, TWO days in a row[lil ditf pun there]) Asking for some help from you guys
  8. Each day, I'm to log that I've only played ~3 hours of Valorant (only valorant competitive if I want to play a game; no other game) maximum. exactly how many hours and minutes each day. 3/15/2021 starting 12-6:30AM: 6:00 hours 3/16 11pm-11:59: 0:59hrs 3/17 12am-1:30am, 12pm-1pm, 4:02-6:34: 4:02hrs 3/18 12-3:30pm 3:30hrs (overwatch, competitive only one time with an old friend) Looked at course work and deadlines later 4/09 I have in average reduced my playtime hours way more than what it was before, I however still can not fix my root issue and am finding other ways to get distracted. (Youtube, reddit, discord memes, watching others play games, etc....) I'm reinstating in hopes to not relapse anymore, and I hope I can commit seriously with a proper template of a daily journal starting today. 4/24 Yeah I uhh am just studying openly now on twitch.tv/jad935 5/01 12:32 AM Two tests worth 50% total happening at 9am. Going to commit to a very long stream of studying nonstop all nighter, and a bit of boxing as a relief/break in between on stream twitch.tv/jad935