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  1. On 6/9/2021 at 10:51 AM, Zuangzi said:

    Hello guys!

    I deleted all my games for the first time yesterday, because it sucks my life and soul out of me.

    But I did not delete Pokemon Go game, where in order to progress you have to go out of your house and travel where you can catch Pokemon in real places.

    I thought to myself that this game sets me out to the real world, outside, I am not merely pushing buttons just by sitting, I am somehow living it. The achievements are bound to how much I travel actually. That means I never play at home anymore, just outside walking and so on.

    What is your experience as a gaming quitter? What advice can you give me? Should I abandon this game or use it to be happy when the game quitting side effects are seen?

    I think you need to find something else to do in outside like volunteer people come together and cleaning parks or riding bicycle etc

  2. Hey everyone.

    I found myself here while digging google about my addiction. I just doing over and over again hitting gold cap in wow with no purpose :D I also writing about wow gold farming to help people out on some websites.

    I give my word myself i will quit game. This will my last cap challenge and almost done. 

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