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  1. I think a gaming laptop is better than a desktop because it's more comfortable. One year ago, I searched for a gaming laptop, and I found an option that was pretty sweety. So I bought that laptop, and after one month, I started having issues and pain with my neck. I went to the doctors, where they told me to change the position when I work on a laptop. After that, I was searching for a laptop stand. I found so many options, the better one I found here https://smartlaptopstands.com/ I'm using this laptop stand, and the pain went away. I hope I helped someone!
  2. It's fascinating for me to play card games online. Especially when you are bored at work, it's the best way to relax and forget about some problems. I don't know how about you, but I love to play it either before sleep. I am a big solitaire player. So I use this platform with a lot of card games. Anyway, we have to understand that this is one of the first PC games. I remember that this was the only game installed on it. It took a while to learn how to play it. I remained astonished when I won the first game.