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  1. So I've been with my partner for eleven years engaged for six. I'm head over heels for him. We own our own home, have a dog who we adore and were trying for a baby a couple of months ago, that was until 5 months ago when he met new friends through Wow. Hes constantly speaking to these friends who are an engaged couple who both work but in their spare time game with each other constantly, these friends have basically taken over my life. After meeting this couple he tells me he no longer wants kids and wants a partner who will game with him long story short he wants us to be like this couple (who are by the way 8 years younger than him, he's 32) He is willing to give up everything to achieve this dream he wants me to sign the mortgage over to him which he probably won't afford due to being in debt with me for nearly 16k he wont afford the car he has now which he needs to carry his gear to get to gigs since he's a musician he said this is part of his problem too as he can't get out to do other things to keep him occupied. I've even slept on my sisters sofa for two weeks to give him space to think things over but in that time his gaming friends basically moved into my home for a few days to give him company and when they went was straight back onto the computer to carry on gaming with them. Today I've confronted him about the house he wants me to sign it over as he has no place to live and quite frankly will not be In a great financial situation. He told me he won't stay here long as this house will only remind him of me. Hes confessed countless times he has an addiction but can't tell whether these are his genuine feelings or the addiction talking? Basically I'd hate him to give everything up for this stupid game to only realise what he's done to himself when he has nothing. I care for him too much and told him if he has a change of heart then my door will always be open.