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  1. Been sleeping properly at around 11 pm every night for the past week and legit feel way better rn what is this
  2. I do practice muay thay and work out at the gym a combined total of 6times a week. The place where i live in kinda sucks there's nothing but drugstores, supermarkets and restaurants/bars nearby (it's like in the middle of a city). I like reading and origami and end up having to cook my own food regardless of whether i like it or not so i can maintain my diet( in fact, video games were kind of a way to help prevent me from being like "i'm bored let's get a pizza"). There is a guitar available where i live that i could try to learn with but i have no idea how would i get started learning music especially since pandemic is still a thing where i live so it would be risky to look for classes. I also generally enjoy anime and some netflix/youtube shows. EDIT: I decided that i will try to learn how to make sick spaghetti sauces on my spare time
  3. I decided to try not playing video games for a while just to see whether or not it has an impact in my life. What i noticed is that it is almost impossible to keep away from the games on days where i don't have many activities to do such as sundays, where i just finish whathever assignments i decided to do for the day. My city kinda sucks and i don't really have the kind of friends where i can try and get people to hang out at say the mall.Though i kinda want to see what having a romantic relationship feels like, i just don't go to enough places where someone could notice me in that way. I like reading but i already read so much for studying that i'm used to reading huge chunks of material at a time and end up finishing books pretty fast ( ngl getting lost in a good book is awesome).
  4. day 3: Sadly, i ended up relapsing. I did an assignment where i had to make some maps on elderly health stuff in advance but then i realized it's sunday, my least favorite day of the week. Since i already studied AND revized i realized how i would have to spend the rest of the day after resting off a bit just staring at the goddamn ceiling and just gave up for the day :/. those 2 initial days of no gaming made me think a lot, thought and i realized video games weren't having that much of a negative impact on me, it is me messing up my scheduling and sleep habits that's causing me to feel constantly exhausted and stressed. What i need to do is more about having clear goals for each specific day (eg: the maps i did today) and only allow myself to play games when i accomplish those. I do have a few hobbies and also picked up origami some time ago to help distract kids at some of my relative's places and stuff, as just being useful in whathever way i can has aways been something i valued.
  5. My favorite way of having my vegetables such as carrots is by cutting and then steaming them. I suppose it's just a good habit for me to have to buy them fresh and then do that kind of prepwork on them as it is one of the little things that can build up to me not doing a lazy. Problem about my boredom is that i don't NEED to do anything, so i often end up just having random thoughts when i'm done reading stuff, looking at the ceiling and all that stuff, which honestly feels even less healthy than playing some video games, which only had the side effect of me being coerced by my friends into ruining my sleep schedule and forcing me to be more organized with my time. I think not playing has actually been making me procrastinate a bit more than usual, but i generally feel better and i'm not sure if it's because of the games or because i just didn't identify with my friends anymore and needed some change. In that regard i feel like i just have different priorities and ambitions in a sense so when i used to hang out with them i'd mostly just stay chill while i listened to people talking all about themselves ( being the single guy in such a group feels like shit).
  6. Day 2: I'm really not sure if i actually needed to stop playing video games, so far the only thing that i managed to spend my free time with was reading which is another thing i already liked to do, just didn't do enough because i was busy gameing . I managed to keep my exercise habits up and decided to start buying fresh veggies for my salad instead of having those bags with them already cut for me , which , to be honest, just gave me more work. I actually had a lot of fun playing games, but i think my problem and the reason i was getting frustrated was i was hanging out with people i had little to do with, as, other than games,I was aways very focused on college. Currently not sure if i should try to radically stop gaming ( but still on the no gaming challenge thus far) or if i should just try to hang out with other people. People in my class don't really like me because a year ago i was having an omega depressive crysis which means that, while i could keep up in class just fine because i aways trained my discipline to study, i kinda spent almost the entire 1st year of college without really talking to anyone there and being that one guy. God i'm so bored i'm almost giving up trying to not game, i read an entire book yesterday and now i need something else to relief me while i'm not studying. A lot of the time i used to spend on the games is now being spent on basically nothing, i study the same amount i aways did, just it feels a bit easier to get started ( which is actually a big plus for me ngl), and now i don't know what do. As a side note, when i was starting to do the whole work out/ diet thing i did a 30 days without junk food thing with a nutritionist's help and it was absolutely the best thing i could have done for myself, as now i can manage to only eat those things once in a while, and i also know that the 1st 3ish days of such a change are by far the hardest to overcome, maybe i should go find a new book as i actually love reading.
  7. Day 1: Wow i actually went for a whole day without playing video games in a non travel day. Managed to revise and nailed class today ( we have those active learning style things i think are called Problem Based Learning in my university), did my training and with the time i'd usually play games in i managed to read 2 chapters of a book i found at home about psychology. For some reason i felt very energized , but the problem is when i'm done with those things and this is where i am currently putting off my desire to game by writing this paragraph. I also realized a lot of people didn't even notice i had any problems because even when i was gaming a lot i managed to have a minimum amount of organization, as the hardest thing was stopping playing after a play session, not doing my assignments.
  8. Written at the beginning of day 1 (0?): While putting things away, closing out league of legends app and steam potentially (and hopefully) for the last time in a while, i look at my gamecube controller and think " this boy gave me so much...". Yeah i used to enjoy competitive gaming a lot a couple years back, which made me go very high as being a hype smash player and hanging out with friends for the 1st time in my life in college ( before college i was 100% focused on getting into a good uni, and now i currently study medicine at a solid public university in my country, video games being the only other thing i did alongside working out), to , eventually, the guy who is constantly angry about league of legends ranked mode and being stuck in diamond, gaming being such a big part of my identity i was know as an one trick pony for my favourite character. There we go. For some reason not caring about stuff such as my account's skins and rank feels surprisingly liberating right now. I noticed i found it a bit easier to focus while studying for today's assignments, and finished early... Which means i now have extra time to not study for the rest of the day, which is one of the more dangerous parts of trying such a challenge as the 30 days of no gaming. 1st thing i think about is the objective : i want to evaluate the impacts not playing video games for the time period will have on my general mental health. I had already stopped doing things such as playing competitively for a while now and already saw some massive improvements in that regard. Now, the biggest struggle will probably be on boredom. I already have studying as something to grow in and acheive mastery and measurable progress, but the place where i live lacks many options for resting activities ( since i already read a lot and often in a very mentally engaging way) or social activities ( pandemic and all... yea). right now i'm just sitting here writing this entry and sorting out things such as my diet, what assignments will i do later in the day and tomorrow, and so far i already have a bit of an urge that only seemed not to be present while studying. A couple things i could try would be reading some non academic material and books , maybe pick up an ukulele or guitar lying around home and try to play it, or go look for some podcasts and all that. I already work out regularly between muay thay and gym over the course of the week so i don't need to invest any extra time on physical activities. I travel a bit more than the average person, and managed to find a source of personal income that allows me to practice my work skills. I have little idea on what to at the moment as i would normally be playing league of legends now that i finished studying for the time period of the day and am ready for today's classes. This is the 1st entry and it's kind of an introductory one for me, i'll start trying to write in an adequate format in my next entries
  9. I'm at a point where i don't know whether or not i should quit playing games because even though i play a lot of them, i haven't been doing that badly in college , i work out 6 days a week between martial arts and gym, managed to get my diet up to a decent standard even though there's the occasional pizza that is just bound to happen. However, what i feel like is that i want to study more than what i currently am, and if i ever play video games before i do anything else in that day, it makes it way harder to concentrate on say long studying sessions, which i hate but are absolutely mandatory for my ultimate goal of getting to the point where i'm working on brain surgery ( i'm a medicine student and one of my ultimate goals is to be a surgeon). I've tried splitting my studying sessions in blocks such as 25 mins of reading/writing, 5 mins of rest. My only problem is that when i start playing a game it's very difficult to stop and i think about them more often than i should. I think the only instances of me getting legitimately hurt by videogames in real life is when i mess up my sleep schedules and failing to deliver one research project last year ( but then again covid kinda killed many research projects including mine, though gaming definitely didn't help). Should i take immediate action? I asked a friend to keep my steam account and change the password temporarily but i'm not sure as i actually do have good fun when playing games and managed to quit toxic experiences such as league of legends ranked mode entirely. As for the reason why i game, it's mostly a hobby but i also often feel a need to be able to escape from reality a bit as my routine can often be very mentally and physically taxing to me, and i also generally enjoy being good at the things i do ( which builds into the point that i need to study more )
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