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  1. I used to be addicted to gaming when I was young. I got married at 24 and Im 37 now still married. In about 11 years haven't done much gaming at all. Maybe a mobile game here and there. I started gaming again a couple months ago but I dont like just any games. I pick one game and stick to it and it has to be a wholesome game, no violet killing game. I spend about 1 to 3 hours a day depending on when I get everything else done. I found out over the years that im an all or nothing guy. I like to focus on one thing and my attention is set there. Also In anything I do, I want to get good at it as soon as I can and thats where the addiction kicks in. Im addicted until I reach a certain spot in the learning process of the activity. After the initial excitement wears off, only do I begin to slow down to a normal pace. I believe most people are like this in any activity because its natural to want to know things as quick as possibly, humans love to learn and hate to not know things. ***Its easy to replace an addiction with another addiction right?*** I find it funny that a lot of people call other people addicts when they are addicted to there Jobs, phones, computers, TV or whatever. If time has a big factor on what dictates addiction, then everyone has an addiction, but IS IT A HEALTHY ADDICTION? How does it affect the other aspects of your life? That is the real question I think we all need to answer to. I see my gaming as a sort of reward of hard work for that day to just relax. I know for some people its hard to only game after everything is done. Im 37 amd have way more control then I used to. Its hard for young people to do this because there is a lot of stress in the world especially school. School is down right stressful, its worse then having a full time job. You go to school for 8 hours and have 4 hours of homework!, are you kidding me!?? Oh and lets not forget, a lot of kids also have a job while attending school! WHAT!!?? Talk about workload. Some adults have a hard time holding down one job, let alone a job, school, homework and other chores. What a kid to do?? No wonder kids need to get away from life right? We all need stress relievers. So gaming can be good to relieve stress but it is hard to control mentally if not having other interests in life. One of my pet peeves in life: I just hate when people say someone has an an addiction at something when they themselves have addictions. People always want to impose there life style on others because it makes them feel better. Example: the workaholics want you to work more because thats the way they know how to live life. ****Do not use my pet peeve as an excuse to use for your addiction. Again, ask yourself, is your addiction a healthy one?Does it affect other interests in your life? Remember: You are responsible for your actions. Taking action to seek guidance is an act of wisdom, not weakness! **** Take care and be yourself within the bounds of reason.