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  1. I personally would define 'lengthy periods' as 'longer than a thought or two'. For example: daydreaming for a couple of minutes a day about how nice it would be to go on a holiday: quite normal. Fantasizing for 10 minutes or longer (some people do this for hours) about what you would do if you were president, for the 10th time this week, that's starting to become a problem. Because chances are you'll have many other fantasies/daydreams as well, which adds up to a lot. They aren't always repetitive, by the way. I believe a good rule of thumb would be: does this interfere with the way you w
  2. Hi! About me (non-essential; you can skip this) I'll be 90-day gaming-free next tuesday! :) Well, I do allow myself a gaming session on sunday afternoons now and then, because it's a way for me to reconnect with friends and have some form of social life during the pandemic. I'm happy to report that it's not problematic at all, and I don't have cravings during other times. Small nudges now and then, but they are very, very easily dismissed. Good! But something else is not good... Escapism, daydreaming and MDD Gaming = escapism, at least to some extent. So is daydreaming. I'v