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  1. Okay, so I've been playing video games basically daily since I was 4 years old, usually for more (much more) than 3 hours every time. I had some day/week-long breaks over the years from video games. I'm about to turn 22 at the end of this month, and I really want to quit gaming forever, to never ever return to video games. I didn't do much at all today: I worked out at the gym for about 35 minutes and then I went home, did some homework and that was it. I have a job, but since there wasn't any necessary work for me to complete, well, I played video games instead. I feel very guilty, at this point in time, it's 90% guilt motivating me to quit and 10% actual desire to improve my life. I made it to over 100 days without playing video games this year, from April until August. But as of the last month, I've been binging on playing video games back and forth, basically every other day. And yes, I still feel guilty for returning to video games after 100 days. I just feel like such an idiot right now. I quit PMO once and for all, and yet here I am still stuck trying to quit video games. What really bothers me are the urges to play video games because the urges are like a giant distraction in my mind that seemingly won't go away. When I am doing something and the thought of video games occurs, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, the thought of video games keeps recurring. I've been praying and praying asking God to help me finally quit video games, maybe I'm not praying hard enough. I recognize that, even though I have a few friends, I need more friends, and that video games must to some degree have an effect on my desire to socialize and make more friends. I've never had that many friends throughout my life. I just want to quit video games and never return. For some reason, I'm hesitant about deleting my Steam account, mostly just because of what my brother and 2 of my friends (irl) would think of me doing that. I played video games for over 6 hours today, and I'm certain as to why that was: because I had intense urges to play when I woke up. I had urges yesterday around noon, but it didn't result in me playing video games. I've been realizing this year that these urges feel like they'll never go away unless I play video games. The urges are what keep leading me to video games because the urges just don't stop. How do I stop giving in to playing video games? How do I stop playing video games FOREVER? How do I make these urges stop? Please, please, please help me to quit video games forever, guys. Please help me to find a way to stop the urges or at least to stop giving in to the urges. Any suggestions at all would also be so much appreciated. Thank you.