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  1. another 1,5 weeks passed and no gaming during the week and on the weekend. I feel now huge cravings while I keep myself busy as good as I can with the following approach: 1.) Craving comes - I want to play games! 2.) Question to myself: what is a productive alternative to do RIGHT NOW? 3.) Start doing the productive thing immediately without further overthinking. This "loop" already produced some unusual results: sorted out all my paperwork done some old tax filing which should pay off in returns. spend an hour arguing with my insurance agent this way sa
  2. 2 weeks since the last post - I managed to quit gaming during the week while very limited over the weekend. It’s not perfect but it’s progress. Focus, Focus, Focus
  3. Hope you all are doing well - I´m 3rd day "game-free" and counting. That´s a funny short clip about pro-Gamers like we all used to be - enjoy!
  4. Tank you Zeno & TheNewMe2.0 - appreciate your comments. What I find is that keeping the mind occupied with other things helps a lot to take away focus from gaming. During last days, I literally forced myself to go out and play with my kids in the park rather than sitting at home and mindlessly playing. It was a good decision & we had fun. We went for ice cream and than chasing butterflies, playing soccer and badminton. I made it through the last week without gaming, while on Sunday, I did again one hour and than just turned off the machine as it felt so boring. I consider the bor
  5. Back here in the forum after many months. I relapsed in December 2020. While it’s not as bad as before in terms of time wasted, I’m very angry & frustrated with myself. How much better would this time be used for sports, books & family time. However I realise how boring gaming is now... I cannot find the same joy as before. I’ll go for another try to unplugging, starting today so I don’t wait for another artificial date like the first of may or something. Lockdowns & home office is not making anything easier. There are no good alternatives besides books & podcasts. Ma
  6. 3 days in and I´m struggling. Especially since I´m getting bombarded with all the emails that CK3 is such a marvelous piece of art.... and rabat codes ect... what a nightmare. Last 2 days I used my free time to support my wife in doing chores and to play a lot with my kids and went early to bed. Still, it feels not as good & interesting as sitting in front of the machine and clicking pointlessly. Wish me luck to make it trough today.
  7. @gargamel Thanks for your encouraging words - which I´d like to mirror back at your own struggle. It´s good to hear you have found a source of purpose that encourages you to get better and stronger. Never allow society to define what you should do. However, use your time to follow your dreams. If you want to become an author, start writing. One page per day and after a year - you have a book to publish.
  8. @ceponatia Thanks for your words. Maybe you misinterpreted my statement a bit - "blame" in my context is what you summarize as "analyzing why something happened and try to understand and to avoid or learn from a situation so that future decisions won´t be repeated". Someone could say, I´m blaming myself or "hold myself accountable" or any other description that fits. Effectively, it was me who chose to waste the most precious resource we got which is time, for an activity that adds noting to the value in any kind of way. I don´t think that this addiction is "beyond willpower" as it´s
  9. This is my story. I´m not sure why I write it here - maybe because I never summarized that clearly my own stupidity. I hope it will help me and maybe others to end this painful addiction. Gaming is as life destroying as any other forms of dependency like drugs, alcohol, sex or medicament abuse. Feel free to learn from my failures, call me an idiot or just wish me well for the future. Somehow I made it and somehow still those addiction hurts me. Level 0: I started playing video games back in the late 80´s when there were still gaming halls around. I loved the machines and I spend all my p