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  1. Hey friends. My name is Samuel, Age 23 and have been gaming since I was 6 years old. Recently in my young adults years I've realized how my addiction to gaming threw my whole work and personal life out of wack. I've been playing games for 8 to 10 hours a day and have put aside work, fitness and lots of other things because of it. What was worse is that I work from home... so being in front of my computer was BIG TROUBLE since I would work for maybe 1 hour, get bored and played video games. Recently I found "Respawn" and found it as an opportunity to quit this addiction and focus on what's important to me. I'm 2 days in and feel intense BOREDOM , but I know that it's only temporary. Right now I've been keeping myself focused on work, fitness and maybe learning the guitar again. Maybe Ill also start a blog or something later on. It's crazy how I used video games as my crutch for YEARS. I've tried this before and relapsed. This time I want to beat this damn thing! I'll be posting in the daily journal section to keep myself accountable starting today. I really look forward to meeting all of you, getting to know you, and kicking this addiction to the curb together! -Sam
  2. @Aysu I am in a similar boat in regards to wanting to quit gaming and having overwhelm from it. Like I somehow have all this free time on my hands and realized after reading the first few pages of "Respawn" that I was using gaming to keep myself from getting bored. It's going to be a process and our brains are going to do everything it can to get us back into the "norm" but we can do it man. I'm going to keep reading "Respawn" and take advantage of the 'Daily Journal" section of this forum. For me I found that finding ways to keep yourself busy helps a lot. I've quit for 2 days so far. The journey has only just begun lol.
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