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  1. Thank you @chiliflavor, Such a warm welcoming. I will definitely look back at this. Good luck on your future endeavours.
  2. I will sure think about travelling to Dubia, thank you kally.
  3. *May be disturbing to others* Hi, My name is John and I'm entering my second year in university studying aerospace engineering. My video game addiction all started if I can remember was when I was 5 or 6 year's old when I got my first gaming console, the Game Boy Advance. I remember going to the mall and stopping by EB games with my dad to "browse" game boy games. My first game could be Cars or Finding Nemo. One thing lead to another I wanted to play more games even when I did not finish the game. For my 8th Birthday, I received my second console, the PSP which also includes a motorcycle racing game. Just like the with my Game Boy Advance I wanted more games, I bought, I mean my parents mostly my dad, bought me games even when I did not complete the game. I soon got my 3rd console the Nintendo DS Lite, I can't the game that came with it. So you know the pattern I wanted more games even though I barely completed the game. I forgot to mention the first laptop I got was a VTech Laptop, I didn't play with it that much. Years later went on, my family bought a PS3 then Wii and Xbox. However, returned the Xbox because it was too much. The amount of PS3 and Wii games was insane. Eventually, my friend introduce me to League of Legends in grade 6. Not saying this one game lead to a downward spiral. I haven't really played the game until grade 8 when I got my first actual laptop. I was highly addictive to the game. I remember playing the game right after school and to finish my homework first thing in the morning. This habit happened throughout my high school years and into my first year in university. I was lucky I made it to first year. In my first year, I failed 2 courses and the rest received low grades. I'm doing summer school right now. My life was miserable, I was depressed and to cope with this I watched porn and masturbate. Sometimes times I think I needed to end my life. There are countless times I said to myself, " I need to quit this". Video games had a huge impact in my life ever since I was a little kid and until today. Today is the day to stop and quit video games/masturbation/porn. This will be my first step to a new life. Every since I was young, I was the shy kid who would sit alone during lunch time; who would think I have friends by playing with them when they need a sub; who would shy away and never talk to girls when it comes other than projects. When I was 12, my dad and my mom separated I had also think that it was my fault. This really took a toll on me. I realized this is not the life I want. I know I wasted my life, but I know I can change. I know I can never get the thousands of hours playing video games back, but I know I can change. I know I cannot reverse time back, but I know I can change. There are many things I want to do with my life, etc. creating lasting friendships, find a potential spouse to spend my life with, workout, sleep well, travel, establish a nice career, volunteer with the homeless shelter, learn a new language, play the guitar, provide a better life for my family, and get closer to God. Thank you for reading my story. I will comeback to this post. I know this will be difficult but it is necessary for me to do this. Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Just start with baby steps. Wish me luck! Today is the day!
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