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  1. Hi! I'm trying to quit games so I can have more time to do other activities. The problem is that one of the activities is to develop Visual Novels. I'm learning how to draw and also writing the story. I am a software developer so coding will not be a problem. My question is: Is Visual Novel development a harmful hobby for me to take? I'm not asking about game development in general, but Visual Novel in specific, since I know that developing a MMO would not be a good thing for me to do. I think visual novels are not really games. They are interactive books. There is minimal level of gameplay and very little interactivity. They are like interactive Graphic Novels. I recently "played" "Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell". The "game" had not a single dialog option. It was a simple story moving forward without interaction. And it was enjoyable. But I didn't feel like I was playing. I felt like I was reading. In my Visual Novel I would make it have two or three paths for the reader to follow. But they would not result in defeating, simply would be a ending. The reader could reread the Visual novel, to get other endings. They could go back to the decision points directly to get the other options so they would see other endings, without the need of start the Visual Novel from the beginning. In the more advanced Visual Novels that I have in mind I would put a battle system like Chrono Trigger, but without the possibility of girding or finding better equipment. They battles would be fixed, with predetermined level and special moves for each character. And in this case of course of course it would be a game. I plan to release them for Android/IPhone and Steam. Am I a traitor to the cause? Can I proceed? Thanks!
  2. Hi. I'm a 35 years old guy, diagnosed with bipolar depression type 2. I'm not playing games for about two weeks. Things are going fine, but I want to share my experience to see if some one else experienced the same thing. I become bored fast when I play video games, but at the same time I have a great desire to find and play a game that makes me feel good. So I spent a considerable amount of money on Steam buying games only to see if I like them. Sure, I do a search first and only buy games that I think I would like, but even so it's a lot of games. There are many games in my library that I didn't even installed. And it don't happen only with games. Lately I can't even finish a movie because I become bored and stop watching halfway, so maybe it's not a problem only related to games. My theory: When I was young I was very introverted and shy and spent most of my day playing video-games. I think I played around 12 hours a day. And there were some games that gave me some great experiences, like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger, among others. The thing is: I want to have those experiences again. No, not others experiences, I mean the exactly same experience, the same feeling. So I search for games that would give something similar. But I am also open to find other games that could give me other experiences that were enjoyable to me in a different way too. So I had the idea of replaying the games that gave me the best experiences when I was young to see if I could experience it again. But, even so I felt that feeling, something said to me to stop, because it would be very time consuming. Currently I'm learning how to draw and also writing short stories. I think I can't play games because I know they are making me not pursuing my other dreams. But I don't know why I can't watch movies. It's because short attention spawn? I can read books if I want and I could watch movie in the cinema (before the pandemic). Thanks!