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  1. Hi all, new here. Okay basically I'm 37 years old and I've been gaming maybe almost 30 years. I exclusively play simulation games as they are so immersive and I guess an escape from the real world. I used to play for hours and hours but only in the last couple years have I developed problems. There's one particular game that I love and I stopped playing it last year as it was severely affecting my sleep. I'd think through turns and strategy in my mind, struggling to sleep and I guess my brain was running through that when I did eventually sleep as I'd wake up exhausted with a weird feeling at the back of my head. 2 hours or so of sleep. It was affecting my productivity at work so I had to knock it on the head. As I've got older I spend less hours playing but I can't let scenarios out my mind. Running and running through. Now we're on lockdown here and I loaded my old save. 8 months I hadn't played it. I knew I'd regret it as the sleep insomnia came back. If I play casual games I have no sleeping or addiction issues. But I don't get the buzz off them so I'm always tempted to go back. I probably should jack it in or severely reduce time played, which I can do, but the running through scenarios when not playing is my biggest concern leading to insomnia. Any advice?
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