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  1. DAY 7 SINCE I QUIT PLAYING VIDEOGAMES: Didn't sleep well. Followed BooksandTrees advice and managed to do some series of burpees and climb stairs. I searched for activities to do with my son and bought an inflatable pool and hanged out with my son, it was fun. The sweating and restless leg haven't diminished, they got worse today, had to take another bath and changed my tshirt twice. Got a new symptom today, abdominal cramps and strong headache. Most likely a side effect from the new medicine my doctor prescribed. I'm not sure If I'll be able to keep this up for long. If I could work and go out most likely I'll be able to keep my mind occupied but the quarentine it's not helping, I was expecting to feel better as the days go by but I feel worse. Any insight will be most welcome, running out of ideas. Yes, I went and bought an inflatable swimming pool and had some good time.
  2. Day 6: I'm still sweating, very anxious, can't stop moving my legs from time to time. I have been watching lot's of series, played with my son, pizza was nice. My Doctor recommended I start a new medication. Had my first dose and I hope I can sleep better today. Lot's of gaming requests, haven't answered any. I just hoep this gets better soon, as days go by I feel worse.
  3. captain and Alexanderie: Thank you both for your words and encouragement. It’s been hard, mostly because Covid-19 has restricted all activity so I can’t leave the house. Still sweating, grumpy and very irritable. In 3 years I never yelled at my son which I did today. Same goes for my wife. Gave some video consultations but felt anxious and just wanting it to end, not common for me. I guess what they say it’s true, you don’t know you’re an addict until you try to quit. thanks for reading, hope you are doing much better than me 😄
  4. Hello everyone: I'm 39 years old, have a wife and son, I'm a surgeon and urologist living in Mexico City and I've been a gamer since I was 4 years old, my very first console was an Intelevision and I loved Shark Shark. I have gone through pretty much every console to date: NES, SuperNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, WiiU, Switch, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, 360, Xbox One, PC I've done it all. I'm on mental therapy with a psychiatrist, I suffer from AHD and cronic depression and take medications for it. My doctor recently shared with me that I have a gaming addiction which I wasn't aware off, I haven't found any experts in Mexico that deal with his kind of problem. I've done my own research and decided to stop it. I just managed to go a day and a half without gaming, I have rejected gaming invites, but I'm starting to sweat a lot, I can't stop moving my legs, I dunno what to do. I need help. That's why I got my subscription. I don't know where to start, one would think that being a doctor will allow me to have a better aproach but it has not. Thank you for reading.
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