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  1. Awesome man, I havent figured out what caused my anxiety yet. I know certain triggers like porn. So I have cut that out. I was researching a bit online and found some connection between video gaming and anxiety levels. Which would make sense because the brain doesent know the difference between a screen and reality. and If you are playing COD for example your body reacts as well when the mind takes in the stimulus. I would love to read your book. Or just have a chat. Thanks for the comment Falky!
  2. Hey guy posted this on reddit but would like an extra opinion. This winters been real tough for me because I started suffering from panic attacks. I am on naturpathic medicines and vitamins but sometimes they dont really help and sometimes make it worse. I've been researching about dopamine and the connection between video games and excessive dopamine as well as adrenaline. My question is? Has video gaming increased anxiety levels? Has taking it away after withdrawal took the symptoms away?? Any input appreciated Thanks
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