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  1. Perfect. I think your advice is exactly right. I have two copies of Glover's book, which I read last year. I planned to give a copy to someone else, but I realized I needed it more. I've rearranged my life to be able to put those ideas into practice. Now's the time for me to do it. I'll check out James' list too.
  2. Hey thanks, Amphibian. Enthusiasm is a good motivator. I've never thought of myself as someone who goes for instant gratification, but in important ways I do downplay my own skills.
  3. Taylor, It often seems overwhelming to think about everything that can be learned. Just focus on one lego brick at a time during a single day or morning/afternoon/evening - one chapter or one aspect of what you want to learn. Take a break and really appreciate each new achievement. Then add the next lego brick.
  4. This first entry will be short to cover yesterday. I deleted a game app after playing the last few games to avoid drafting and sending an boundary-setting (possibly confrontational) text message. I ran some errands this afternoon, sent an important work letter, and got some work done. The evening was great - I had the time and attention to make a salmon dinner. It made me feel good to enjoy this rather than getting wrapped up for hours in a black hole of a game. Fixing this dinner was memorable and satisfying.
  5. Hello Community, I'm glad to join you. I'm Miles from the US. I've decided to quit after reflecting on Cam's email messages and videos and having recent relapse into games to avoid some difficult emotion-laden work. To avoiding writing out and thinking through possible solutions to my difficult problem, I felt compelled to find some iPhone games a little over a week ago to numb myself to negative feelings. It reminded me of being back in college when I turned to games instead of writing papers until very close to the due date. My goal is to be aware of why I choose gaming (and similar activities, like reading online news, YT, FB videos, or letting someone else distract me with solving their urgent problems instead of my own) to avoid work and relationships that would bring me more enjoyment and fulfillment. I have some important work I could be doing and family to take care of right now. I want to see what's possible when I live my life more intentionally by taking daily action on my real-world priorities.
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