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  1. ?Two things that might help turn waking up earlier into a habit: 1. Move your alarm out of reach of the bed. Just outside your room if possible. Make it a really annoying or embaressing noise/song to ensure you get out of bed to turn it off. Assuming you use your phone as an alarm you can also find apps to solve logic or maths puzzles before you can turn off your alarm, which could help you feel awake. It's not perfect - when I've done it I find a fair amount of the time I just turn it off and get back into bed. But it at least switches the willpower aspect from an active thing (having to get out of bed) to a passive thing (having to not get back into bed). 2. I haven't tried this, but...practising during the day. There isn't much else I like on Pavlina's site, but this article does sound like it could be useful. Essentially it advises getting into bed during the day for five minutes, making all the same preparations (wearing pajamas, brushing your teeth, turning the light of) and setting an alarm. Imagine its the morning. When the alarm goes off, stretch and get out of bed, get dressed etc. He advises doing several sessions over a few days, much like doing sets and reps at the gym. Slowly your response to the sound of your alarm should change.
  2. Just wanted to drop in and say it sounds like everything is going in a positive direction for you - well done! I will take a leaf out of your book and try meditation.