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  1. Thank you man, this is exactly what I needed to hear! I was just feeling really agitated and tired since I quit gaming and I thought that maybe if I did nothing and waited for a while it would just go away but it never did. But you telling me that I can just do whatever I planned on doing and those feelings go a way kinda changed my view. So thanks a lot!
  2. After you guys stopped gaming did you instantly started to do productive things/ things you always wanted to do (eg. learn instrument, study for uni etc) or did you first just kinda did nothing like stare at a wall, read, lie in bed. For some reason I find it very difficult to pick myself up and I was wondering if this was normal or if I should apply myself more. Thank you in advance!
  3. Bro you are actually right. Thanks a lot for your help, you are the best! Have a nice day
  4. So you are saying I should start slow and build myself up, doing more and more each day (or week)? Sounds good to me but if I only do one thing a day I feel so useless like I am lying to myself because I know I am capable of so much more than that. You know?
  5. Bro you are asking some deep questions haha Yeah I stopped gaming for the second timen now (first was 20 days) and am 8 days in now. Then I realised I wasted to much time on youtube and stuff so I stopped that one too since today. Yeah I kind of do know what I want and how to get there. Maybe not a perfect version but it's enough to start I think. I just don't do what I planned. I kind of did stuff while I gamed but now I do way less it seems.
  6. Hey guys hope you are all doing well and are healthy! Ever since I quit gaming I feel really ,for a lack of a better word, empty. I don't really feel like doing anything except laying in bed and doing nothing. Don't get me wrong I do have ideas of things I want to do and learn so it is not so much the lack of ideas that stops me from doing things. It's more the general listlessness I feel. I don't have any motivation to do any of the things I really want to do (quite ironic ey?). I know that my brain is kind of fucked because of all the instant gratification it got flooded with over the years and whatnot, but I really don't like this situation. So my question would be: Does it go away/get better over time or do I need to worry? Advice on what I should do next would be very much appreciated as well. Thanks guys
  7. Thanks for the kind words Mr.! Yeah the idea of reminding yourself what you are doing all of this for sound pretty good tbh 🤔 But don't you feel that you miss out on new information and don't you miss the feeling of just mindlessly chilling for bit by quitting YouTube completly? Good luck on your journey too my friend 💪🏼
  8. Thanks for the reply and the advice! The problem is that I feel useless, like I am wasting time when I do nothing like taking a walk or lying in bed to chill. I feel like I should be doing something productive. Yeah I watch a lot of self development videos, but there is a line where it just gets to much which I cross often enough. I really don't seem to be able to adhere to the rules I set myself and when I break them I just feel like shit lol. For the last couple of days I only opened youtube if I knew what I was going to watch beforehand, so no more browsing which works good enough for now I guess.
  9. Hey guys, so I have been trying to quit gaming but instead of improving my life I find myself binge watching YouTube or Netflix time after time. I just can't seem to be able to quit everything at once especially since it's a lot of fun to watch a couple of videos or a movie. Any advice?