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  1. Thanks James. I am reverting back to my core values and morals. I have put a restriction on my diet (vegetarian). And I'm slowly earning back my self trust that videogames stole from me. It took years to build that self trust. I used to be a vegetarian and also a serious student. I would be able to place restrictions that held to my core values without a second thought. I gotta rebuild self trust one day at a time, so for now its a mental struggle to be restrictive and to rebuild a study habit.
  2. Greetings. Games are like a drug to lonely young men. Instead of using there ambition and competitive energy towards work/academics they will put it towards videogames since it's a easier outlet with easier reward. And thanks to that outlet they dont have any competive/ambitious energy left for work/school cause they are already fullfilled that competitive need with games. And this is what happened to me aswell. I am 28 years old. I actually had a great government job and a great apartment. The problem is the month I started the job was the same month this addictive online game released. After struggling at this job 8 monthes I quit last September because I lost interest in work. While at work Instead of thinking about my assignments, I was thinking about going home and streaming this addictive game on twitch or playing Nintendo Switch with pals. I had a whole community of people that were like family on a gaming discord and we would greet eachother everyday and play games. It had been years since I had that level of interaction with people. But Today I'm jobless with no apartment. I moved back home when I lost the job. And for a while I was sitting in my childhood room playing videogames. BUT, I realized Its either a quit games forever or risk falling into this habit over and over again in my life. Selling the console never works cause I just end up buying it again. So I deleted my discord/twitch that connected me to my community of online friends. I didnt even say goodbye. After that I was able to apply for new jobs and try to help around the house. Baby steps. Also started working out again. It's so much easier without a online community of friends tempting me. Thank you GameQuitters. You guys are family to me , your videos helped me understand the stimulus of videogames ruining my brain. I knew the science but couldn't explain it.
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