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  1. So far so good. Its very strange. Wake up with a foggy feeling and realise all you think about is gaming. I guess that's what we call an addiction eh. I still struggle and want to log back in but it's important to remain strong and find other activities to replace
  2. Hello, It is rather embarrassing this but I need to do something to stop this. Firstly I am in my 40s and almost accidentally got back into gaming. I was on fairly good money last year and needed a new PC. For no apparent reason I bought a gaming PC. This is where my problems started. I was made redundant last October so time became available. I was always an avid gamer when younger so should of realized I have a rather addictive personality. To cut a long story short, I have literally spent 2 months non stop playing online games. I have no energy to look for a job and it is beginning to impact my relationship. I have even spent money on subscribing to games when I am not even working. Enough is enough now, I need to stop. I cannot concentrate, my head is cloudy and I cant move forward. Perhaps there is denial but I am definitely addicted. I am writing on here as I want to make myself accountable and sort this problem out. I teach health and fitness courses by trade so I am not exactly practicing what I preach here. This is day 1..... I have deleted all of my games, deleted steam, deleted everything. Wish me luck 🙂 Steve
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