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  1. hi, how is it going for you? i hope you didn´t relapse! by righ you mean console? what about uninstalling the games from the console?
  2. Hey there, funny as it is, someone from the game World of Warcraft referred me to this page. For many years I´ve been trying to quit the game, but I think doing it through an Internet Support Forum, it can be much easiert. I´ve been part of nofap aswell for about 2 years, and with the help of the page I was able to beat my porn addiction. I´m 26 years old living in Germany and (due to my ongoing depression and anxiety) I´ve been struggeling with playing games for more than 10 years (mostly World of Warcraft). I play this game nowadays 10-15 hours daily. Now I will give this a try. If you have any questions, or if people want to PM me and share stories or anything, just feel free to do that. thank you, admin(s) of this wonderful page, for existing and fighting one of our (in my opinion) most dangerous addictions on this planet. Cheers Tom