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  1. Hello guys, I am a college student here and today is my first day to view gaming as my enemy and I hope that I will never be possessed by gaming for the rest of my life. I have been "hooked" to gaming since high school and until now I have spent countless hours in playing video games. At first, I saw gaming as a relaxing activity to avoid thinking about the social, academic problems that I face from the day. However, before I started to notice, I became addicted to gaming and addicted to using gaming as my escape way from my daily responsibilities. For many times, whenever I face academic and social (mostly academic) issues, I feel stressed and would play a good three to four hours of games before starting to work on my problems. Because of this, I have failed three classes in college, which really becomes a drag on my GPA. Since my plan for my right now is to go do grad school, I should really get my s**t together. Util recently, I start to see gaming as my enemy and realize that instead of relying on games to chase away the fear, I should face the fear itself and use my courage and strength to overcome it. I believe everyone has the potential to be so much more than we could possibly imagine. I hope I can make some friends along the way on this journey of new beginning.