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  1. Thank you for sharing. It is so resonate with me and really helpful. You got this
  2. Hello game quitters ! Here's my short introduction and story. I'm 20 year old Asian guy. After experiencing temporary failures from several business ventures, I decided to use game as temporary escape. Fast forward after 8 months which gone by like crazy , I have to dropout from my university which is one of the most prestige college in my country because I was addicted to mobile games. I am fortunate enough that my parents understand my situation. However, that didn't change me I kept on relapse playing games. I was on and off until I found game quitters. Right now, I am at day 2 of detox. I have learned that this journey is not a straight line but it is zigzag. That's it for my intro! I'll keep in touch with community and always remember you are not alone.