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NEW PODCAST: Dealing with Gaming Nostalgia


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  1. Hi All, I am approaching 30 years old and have been gaming since I can remember. It was pretty harmless before since as a kid gaming time is confined at weekends at home. Having moved away however, game has taken over major part of my life. I spend so many times playing offline games and DoTA. I feel that gaming has left me with no real friend and made me socially awkward. I am hoping that I can utilize the 1-18 hours gaming a day to do more productive things such as making friend, honing my real life skills and be healthy. Previously I have tried stopping time and time again but always relapsed back to DoTA, especially after accidentally watched new exciting updates. The current relapse has made me gaming hours and hours a day after work for 2 months straight and this made me feel very bad since my performance dropped due to this. I really want to quit for good... Hopefully this program can help me to finally be free from game addiction. Let's support each other guys! kind regards, Rojo
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