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  1. Day 2 In the morning I went to gym, after that i watched some southpark. I spend 4 hours on programming and I have read a book for 30mins. During programming php loops I encountered a problem that I can't solve so plan for tommorow is to work more on loops. Also I started working on developing mobile-website that looks similar to twitch app and I plan to complete it by the friday. P.s Thanks to suggestions from sskieller and awalkingcane I realised why I should not watch Twitch and yt gaming videos, so instead of it I just listen to podcasts.
  2. Day 1 In the morning instead of playing i went for a long walk. After i spend most of day in front of computer watching twitch and youtube. I feel that watching other people play and having fun is kind of like cheating.Tommorow i plan to go to gym and do some php and html coding.
  3. Hey my name is Mark. I've been playing videogames since I was 6 and i play them untill today although now im 20 years old ? Im in the start of my Information Technology studies and i don't want to fail them but I keep on wasting days, not hours but days on playing videogames and watching yt. I also would like to do something more productive in my free time than just sit in front of my pc and play.