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  1. Day 2: I have decided to use the stoic approach to this journal. Each day I will write about my plans and then reflect later on whether I was able to execute my plan and why. Today I will go to work and be there until the afternoon. I will take a break and go to the gym and maybe nap, then work again until I go to my friends house this evening. We will hang out then I will go home by 10. I will work at least 8 hours because I want to have the money that comes with it and the choices that come with that money. I will go to the gym because it makes me feel more energetic and makes me feel better about how I look and feel healthier. I won't vape nicotene with my friend because last time I wanted it after I left and couldn't sleep very well.
  2. 10/15/2019 In a way, I'm still escaping since I'm starting this while I'm at work, but really, this will help me get to the root of the problem. I am worried because every wednesday I go to my friend's house and we game together. I feel like this should be "outside" of the 90 days, but at the same time I think I can't help but make this an all or nothing plan, so that's what it is . I'm all in. Here we go on the 90 day journey. I just deleted all of the games on my laptop and I"m going to do the same when I get home. After I write this I'm going to do module 2. Fuck games man, life and I have so much more to offer each other.
  3. Hi all ! I just spent the last two work days doing nothing but playing games! I am killing it in Overwatch and Tarkov right now, and totally losing at life! It is almost quitting time on Tuesday and I am letting down the people I care about the most, including myself. No more! I just wanted to say hi and I am glad we are all trying to move on to bigger and better things together. Thanks for this great community.
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