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  1. Thank you so much! I'll be doing a 5-10 minute meditation every day. The Taiko video games actually get me used to playing real Taiko.
  2. How can I get rid of video game clutter in my brain? Because I mostly think about and talk about video games which sometimes causes issues. I still think about and talk about non-video game stuff sometimes, but I mostly think about and talk about video games since that's what I love. I learned how to play Taiko for my video game addiction using the Taiko video games (Taiko Drum Master/Taiko no Tatsujin), but I'll have to start comparing real Taiko to the Taiko video games. I also like to use a controller to control myself too by having one in my pocket, acting it out, and talking about it. SOMEBODY HELP ME WITH THE VIDEO GAME CLUTTER IN MY BRAIN!!!
  3. I have autism. So when negative things happen to me (ex. getting hurt) or I get upset. Nonsense stuff usually from video games gets into me. For Mario Party 1, the Superstar Ceremonies upset me because of bad things happening to the player in 4th (ex. DK being chased by a rolling boulder in DK's Jungle Adventure when that's his own board) along with the Staff Roll because of the theme. For Super Princess Peach, the stage clear animation gets into me whenever I have assistance with what I'm independent with. For Mario Kart Wii, the item boxes to me resemble Mario Kart 64 but I still like 64. Also Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina wear special bike suits. Those are two reasons why I dislike Mario Kart Wii. MK8 and MK8D have Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina wearing bike suits too. I still like the catchy music from those games too such as the mini-game songs from Mario Party, Coconut Mall from Mario Kart Wii, and the Boss Theme from Super Princess Peach. I still like Nintendo though. Especially when the Nintendo Switch is my favorite system. I also think of my sister being better than me at dancing games (DDR, Just Dance) when I have problems. All those pieces of nonsense make me want to live without a family for some reason, even if I need my family because I'm autistic. Also, certain catchy songs in video games I don't own make me cry for the game when that's childish. For example, I cried for a PS3 with Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F because of my favorite song from the game DYE. I also cried for a PS4 with Project DIVA: Future Tone because of all the catchy music it has. Some catchy video game music makes me want to put the volume full blast because of Mona showing up in a tracksuit for losing a micro-game on her stage in WarioWare Gold along with Penny from that, Smooth Moves, DIY, and Game & Wario. Some other themes upset me such as the Staff Roll from Star Fox 64. Like I said, I still like Nintendo but certain Nintendo games along with my sister being better than me at dancing games make it hard for me to be in a family and act like an adult. Also my family doesn't like to hear my nonsense. When somebody tells me what to do on/with a gaming system or device (ex. my mother telling not to take off with my Switch in my hands), I feel like I can't play my favorite stuff on certain platforms/with certain devices which causes me to ask if I still play my favorite stuff on/with that device. After that I say "If Not, I'll abuse myself." or "If Not, at least there are a lot of other games out there.". Sometimes when I lose or get killed, I feel like I can't play my other faves on/with that device. To keep myself from abusing myself, I prove to myself that I can still play my favorites on/with that device. I also like to use controllers to control myself too by having a controller in my pocket and saying it out loud. So to wrap this post up, I would like to say again that I'm autistic and that I'm obsessed with video games. I have a different kind of video game addiction which is why I have flaws. It's not a kind that other people have to let video games neglect other things like eating, chores, hygiene, etc. That's all I'd like to say about my own video game addiction.
  4. My Dad gave me a gaming strategy of playing on the easiest difficulty for relaxation purposes. It also helps for moderating video games, balancing video games and real life, and switching it up. Not all games have a difficulty selection. So for those games, I pretend I'm on the easiest difficulty. That's one way I overcame video game addiction.
  5. I like Hatsune Miku; her and her friends' music is pretty catchy. Also, her voice is cute. My favorite part of the anime is the Project DIVA games and Project Mirai DX. I also can't wait for the upcoming Project DIVA Mega Mix on the Nintendo Switch. I also hope it's better than Future Tone since I'm not getting a PS4. My favorite songs by Miku and her friends are DYE, Senbonzakura, Amazing Dolce, Clover Club, Kokoro, Remote Controller, Melancholic, PoPiPo, Love-Colored Ward (JD2018 just calls it Love Ward), Cantarella, and more.
  6. There are foods and drinks that help anxiety. Here is some of them: Berry Juice Dark Chocolate Greek Yogurt Berries Turkey Collard Greens Spinach Kale Eggs Pumpkin Seeds Coconut Water Warm Milk Water Decaf Green Tea Chamomile Valerian Root Tea Fatty Fish Passion Flower Tea Ashwaghanda Powder
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