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  1. My Dad gave me a gaming strategy of playing on the easiest difficulty for relaxation purposes. It also helps for moderating video games, balancing video games and real life, and switching it up. Not all games have a difficulty selection. So for those games, I pretend I'm on the easiest difficulty. That's one way I overcame video game addiction.
  2. I like Hatsune Miku; her and her friends' music is pretty catchy. Also, her voice is cute. My favorite part of the anime is the Project DIVA games and Project Mirai DX. I also can't wait for the upcoming Project DIVA Mega Mix on the Nintendo Switch. I also hope it's better than Future Tone since I'm not getting a PS4. My favorite songs by Miku and her friends are DYE, Senbonzakura, Amazing Dolce, Clover Club, Kokoro, Remote Controller, Melancholic, PoPiPo, Love-Colored Ward (JD2018 just calls it Love Ward), Cantarella, and more.
  3. There are foods and drinks that help anxiety. Here is some of them: Berry Juice Dark Chocolate Greek Yogurt Berries Turkey Collard Greens Spinach Kale Eggs Pumpkin Seeds Coconut Water Warm Milk Water Decaf Green Tea Chamomile Valerian Root Tea Fatty Fish Passion Flower Tea Ashwaghanda Powder
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