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  1. Good luck to your new job! And yes I have quitted gaming many times and relapsed back, so i am sure it is very normal thing to happen in terms of playing video games. I know you can do this though, you are here again after all. Games might always be tempting even after a long time, but they are trying to trick you to play them again. I actually tried my everything to stop playing warcraft 3 many years ago (i tossed away the cd key, but i had memorized it after reinstalling it 50 times so it has been really tough to get rid of it). I think surrounding oneself with people who don't lure us into gaming is maybe the best we can do!
  2. Hi Stepan, as a tip: make connections with people in this forum, people in here are in the same situation and everyone is here to quit gaming, together it is easier. Be open and socialize. Welcome here!
  3. You got this, and past is a lesson we have, without it there wouldn't be enlightenment. I could relate to your post because I also gamed for 20 years, and joined gamequitters just yesterday, today is a day 2, and tomorrow will be a day 3. Good luck to you!
  4. After 20 years of gaming as my primary hobby and activity I have had enough. I have also decided to give up my starting career as a programmer and game developer to stay absolutely away from that scene (even have one game published in Steam). I have maybe lost my best and only friend because I don't want to game anymore, it sucks and I am not sure will he ever understand, if he is gone then he is gone, I don't need that kind of people in my life. I hope this program helps me in my journey and help of the community is always welcome so that i don't need to do all of this on my own. I wish good luck to everyone in this program with me, we can do this, and if we relapse let's just try again. My first day free of gaming was yesterday, day 2 today.
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