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  1. Hello, I'm 28 YO french. I'm a game addict for quite a long time. I'm an asperger with a heavy depression. I don't have that much difficulties to stop gaming, but when I stop to play games, my addiction go on online contents such as youtube. I'm more a general computer addict than a specific game addict. My addiction is deeply crippling as I'm unable to assume a lot of responsibilities because of that. Mass consuming contents or games is the only way I find to escape my thoughts, like a lot of people, I would like to stop to think, to manage to have some silence in my head, but I don't manage to. One of my favorite activity is to argue with people on the internet on complexe matters, simply because if I have a topic on which I have to think, it's just a way for me to rest. Computer is a huge source of both anxiety but aswell rest for me. I'm paradoxally completely despaired and have hope. I think that this whole society can only end badly, very badly, I prefer to stay alone because trusting people mean that you can get betrayed. Yet, I'm confident that I will beat my addiction however deeply, I don't see any interest in life but "mom and my brother would be sad". I would like to thanks Cam and everybody working or posting on Game Quitter for their job. Have all a fine day, and good luck in fighting your addiction.
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