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  1. No, actually I didn't. On Youtube I still have some gaming recomendations. So I'll install DFTube to remove them. And thank you for an advice! I've never thought this way. I will give my account to a friend who knows about my problem and won't allow me to access it.
  2. DAY 1 Today I had some urges to download and play Skyrim. This is a great game and I had nostalgia about it. But as it known if I will start gaming it will suck out my life and everything will get even worse again. So no, I won't play Skyrim as I won't play any other game. That is my decision, so I should follow it. I will stop gaming because I need it and because I can! Also, I thought about a goal I've talked before. I think this is might be a life in a new country, well-payed job and my own business/company/project. But I am still thinking about it.
  3. Last couple of days gone bad. I've just graduated 3rd college grade and as a reward to myself I decided to play. And of course it was a bad decision. Today, as a result of my uncontrolled gaming and lazyness, I've got a first bad review on my freelance profile because I did't made a task in time. It feels and looks shitty. So I don't want it to be like that and I need to stop gaming. The problem is, I don't think I should stop completely. I want to stop until I have more willpower to sustain from uncontrolled gaming. But how to measure it? I think if I will complete some of my goals and dreams, it will be measured as a success. And as I decide about my goals, I'll write it down here. Also, I wanted to write my personal reasons why do I want to stop gaming and ask some questions that usually pop out in my head. I'll start with reasons. Some of them: I can't control gaming. Whatever I try doesn't helps. I can't control it and it becomes an addiction. And I don't need such an addiction. It takes too much time. Even if I wouldn't be addicted, I'd still waste too much time for this. It maked me think slower. It maked me stupid for some time. I'm starting thinking about games I play when I work and study and when I am trying to sleep. This is bad. I don't have any profit from that, actually, I waste real money for buying games.
  4. Thank you for your support! I agree with you, it is a hard way, but benefits are too great.
  5. For once and never, sorry my English, this is my second language and I will have some troubles with that. I'll never talk about this in this topic anymore. Hi, everyone. So bascially I'm newcomer here and I will be glad to became a part of your community. I've had troubles with gaming long time ago, but it became worse past few months. I've tried to beat it by myself by just deleteng all the games each time, also I've promised myself that I won't ever play, but this thing happens againg and again. So, I decided to do journaling. This is a good thing, and my thought about it are based on my own experience. So, this is what I'll do. The next thing will be here soon. Thank you!
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