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  1. Alright, so far this has been an epic fail. Yesterday I pretty much gave into every impulse I had and pmo'd, gamed, and watched youtube. Yes, I did get a decent amount of work done as well, but nowhere near my goal. I also neglected to workout. Thus, my brain feels foggy as hell today and I feel extremely angry at myself. Here's my remedy to avoid a binge like this in the future: First, I need to start setting attainable goals in a journal. Second, I need to work in front of other people to keep my focus up. Hopefully, this proves to be a decent fix:) Anyways, heading out right now; wish me luck boys.
  2. Missed my journal last night as I came home around midnight. Nothing especially positive to report though. I spent the whole day out of the house, and while I did accomplish quite a few things, I fell short of my studying goals. I typically wouldn't mind this, but I did so in a fashion that I don't approve of. That's why I intend to spend today mostly isolated from my friends and glued to my screen. Wish me luck boys!
  3. Alright, gonna keep these as basic observations/thoughts I've had throughout my day. With that in mind, I can declare that this day was an epic fail and a half! I spent hours gaming when I should have been working on my assignments. Even before I started gaming, my studying had already been riddled with various forms of procrastination. Altogether these things motivated me to come here, so it's no surprise that my first journal is far from triumphant. Regardless, I think my failure is simply a product of a lack of clear cut intentions when doing things. For example, many times during the day I find myself opening a screen without any reason in mind. This lack of clear intentions is why I believe I spend so much time procrastinating. Thus, to remedy this I'm going to start making to-do lists.
  4. Hey Guys! My name is Andrew and I'm a university student who managed to slip back into some nasty habits. This comes after an incredibly successful semester, which saw me achieve the highest marks I have yet to earn. This is the primary reason I'm going to start journaling here. I thought I had finally managed to get on track, but evidently, I haven't. I'm scared that I've suddenly started to game, binge Netflix, and binge porn in quantities I haven't managed to reach in years. A number of things have contributed to this relapse, some of which include: a nasty break up, family tragedy, and the general laziness associated with the summer. Regardless of the root cause, nobody can restore my discipline other than myself, so I intend to attack these addictions with all I got. So these are the activities I intend to quit forever: Gaming Masturbating to Porn Watching Tv I'm quite serious about this. None of these activities have contributed positively to my life, and I believe there is a lot I can gain from quitting. I will keep on track by journaling here daily, forcing myself out of the house for most of the day, every day, and observing a strict regiment of replacement activities. Through these mechanisms, I hope I can finally close this chapter in my life and become the man I was meant to be.
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