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  1. Date nights are almost non-existing. I can’t remember the last time we went on dates. Things we enjoyed doing together stopped. Our nights consisted of us sitting on separate couches. He would play games for hours, with his headset on while I watched TV. If I tried to speak to him, I would be told to wait a second. Sometimes he would eat the dinner I cooked with me (quickly though, so he could get back to gaming) and other times I’d eat by myself. I attempted to up boundaries for the gaming, but I was told I didn’t let him do anything or that the games weren’t the issue. He even went as far as telling me I should ask myself why he would rather spend time gaining than with me.
  2. It’s hard to say if he was a full-blown addict. I don’t recall him playing as much as he does now, but he may have been in his best behavior. I also can’t say I was looking for addictive behavior. Didn’t expect to date someone with an addiction problem. His gaming continued to get worse. I remember him binging for an entire weekend when a new game came out. He couldn’t understand why I was so mad. “No one else’s wives or girlfriends get mad” he would say. He doesn’t think he had a problem. He says he’s spending time with friends - friends he’s never met. He has no clue who these people are. I always went back and forth about whether or not he had an addiction. I also questioned myself. Maybe I was awful enough that I forced him into gaming. Maybe if I hadn’t said anything, it would be better. Maybe if I just keep cleaning and cooking and taking on all the responsibilities, he would stop. Everything I say about it is made up. It’s me making him into this monster he’s not. It’s “scary” how far I’ll go to put him down. Im not sure anything will change. He’s in complete denial
  3. I’m not sure if I’m even allowed to post here as a loved one, but I’m pretty sure my significant other, that I’ve chosen to walk away from, has a gaming addiction. Just looking for support and honestly, validation, as I keep trying to convince myself he’s not addicted. His gaming addiction doesn’t seem to affect his pretty high-up job. I would assume it’s because without a job, he wouldn’t be able to purchase all the games (and accessories) he does. What it does affect is his health. Like routine, he comes home every day from work, changes clothes, maybe plays with the dogs, and then logs on to play around 6pm (sometimes earlier, depending on when he got home from work) until 11pm/12am (later on the weekends) during the week nights. I think the gaming affects his sleep, so he supplements with adderoll and vyvanse. He’s prescribed this medications but he doesn’t seem to be someone that has ADD. He rarely eats dinner and when he does, it’s either fast food he can access quickly or something like chips and salsa or cereal. He never goes to the gym because that takes away from gaming, but injects himself with testosterone to supplement. When he’s not playing, he’s very angry, anxious and irritable. Anything I do seems to annoy him. The only time he seems genuinely happy is when he’s playing. We were playing in a softball tournament last weekend and in between games, he was watching videos of people playing. I left him recently and blocked him on everything I could. I was ready to move on. He told me he would get rid of the video games (although made it a point to tell me he was only doing it to show me he was willing to make the effort, that the video games weren’t the issue). We last 3 days before he flipped out. He came home, ready to fight, yelling at me for whatever, criticizing me for whatever, asking why I didn’t have anything planned for us to do since he couldn’t play and why hadn’t I given up anything i enjoyed doing. It’s like he doesn’t know how to function without playing. Not to mention, if I wasn’t there to take care of all his household responsibilities, his house would be disgusting. Anyways, I walked away. It’s been 3 days and haven’t heard anything from him (he’s blocked on everything except email). I think he has an addiction but he’s so manipulative that he makes me feel like I’m making it up. Just kind of down on myself.
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