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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome. To be honest though, not mentioning games by name seems very dangerous to me. This whole website feels very surreal at it is. To not have even one foot in reality? That's too much. What if everyone here is fake? What if no one here has even played a video game before? I know it seems silly, but that little extra grounding in that yes, ex-gamers used to play real games, makes it a lot more comfortable for me to exist here.
  2. Aesthetic. Games are an art form, and while I don't always play games for that need (I have plenty of other needs that games fill as well) but I can't believe you forgot one of the more important ones! Games that I have played that have moved me emotionally, narratively, and morally: Bloodborne, The Last of Us, The World Ends With You, Journey, Inside, The Stanley Parable, Overwatch (though not as much as the others here) Yay!
  3. I'm not interested in leaving gaming behind forever. It's too important to me. But I'd like to learn more about what goes on here. Consider me curious. My favorite games are Bloodborne, Overwatch, Pokemon, and a bunch of other stuff I guess. My other hobbies include reading romance novels, watching anime/youtube, and arguing about philosophy on twitter. I don't have a lot of interests but the things I am interested in I'm very passionate about. I'm INTP btw, and screw anyone who says Meyer's Briggs is invalid, it's helped me understand human behavior way better than anything else and that's very valuable to me. Maybe it's wrong but for now, it's right to me. Nice to meet you, Enny
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