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  1. First year of my high school me and my friends just couldnt wait to go back to home and play overwatch since it was new back then. To be honest this was i think best year of my life, anything that is good and pure in gaming like making new friends, and having good time together was the main part of that gaming year for us. Sometimes we would not even play and just send to each other memes and non stop laugh. But with the start of the second year group started to shrink and eventually second year i ended up playing with only one friend because others moved on. Back then i started to realise that i have problem, i began to skip classes, lie that i don't really play gamesanymore to my friends because i was embarrassed and my bad habit also reflected negativly on everyones mood in my house. With the start of final high school year( in poland high school takes 3 years) i promised to myself i will stop with games and will focus on studying. And to my suprise for over month it worked. And then one day my friend that i spended previous year playing with asked me to play with him. After 3 days of non stop playing i truly realised that i have a problem but still ended up doing nothing serious about it for almost 2 years. The rest of the year i played alone. I curse this day till today . And so we are on the same page i don't blame my friend at all whole fault is on my side.
  2. Tony S

    How goes it

    Day 3 Definetly feel better today, i woke up at 7.am which is late for me but at least i got good sleep. After getting up i finally cleaned my room and went to gym for like an hour. I watched some of the videos from great playlist created by Improvement pill (which was recommended to me by one of you 😉 )that i really advice anyone of you to watch if you haven't already, event though it is named how to quit porn you can easily treat this as an advices to any bad habits. I recomend to watch max 3 videos per day. Not everything on the same day cause you won't remember everything. In one of these videos he recomends to create one good habit that you will stick to every day. In my case it will be visiting gym every day. The plan is to spend there in good days at least one hour in first few weeks. On bad days it can be less, it might be even only 20 min. With time i hope this will be my new habit instead of watching youtube or playing. At the end of the training i will ride on exercise bike and at the same time watch movie as a reward. I dedicated part of my time today to read book instead of watching youtube but im not gonna lie it is hard for me to focus. I must just accept it will take long time for me to adapt to my so called new life 😄 Btw tommorow i will be passing speaking part of Ielts academic examination and im bloody afraid. Even more i will have to wait additional at least 13 days for results so next 2 weeks will be fun xd.At least i will be finally done with this. So far so good 🙂
  3. Tony S

    How goes it

    Day 2 This day truly sucked. Had a huge headache and i ended up sleeping through most of the day, wasn't able to do anything usefull.
  4. Day1 Didnt play any game entire day, or watched any youtube video. In the morning i watched one episode of hbo series and while i was working i played in background movie. Because i had so much free time i went to gym ( first time since 4 months), i didn't want to stay at home, just had to get out and do something. To kill time i read book and went shopping (clothes, no games or anything related to it). Even though i did in one day more than i did through entire last week still i had to much free time. So far so good 🙂
  5. Hi Im 19 years old and i've been playing games for god knows how long, to be honest i don't even remember. I struggled to admit that i have problem for at least 3 years. I have been living on my own for six months now and before i moved out from my parents house i remember promising to myself i will finally do something, that this is new chapter in my life and i will make best of it. Day by day i kept on lying to myself that i will learn tommorow or i will go to gym next day. And now im here and it feels still like im stuck in the same place, im angry at myself that i did nothing to improve my life. In three days i will have exam that will define my future and i know im not prepared. This is second time i will fail important exam because instead of preparing i either played , watched youtube or tv series and movies. Of course there were many attempts by me to stop. The best out of all i think 26 attempts result was 30 days without videogames and the only reason why i stopped then was because my mother cutted of the internet connection :). Only now i realise i was happy back then and wish to finally be done with games youtube etc.. I know that im too weak to limit my daily use of watching and gaming so my plan is to stop completly. The main reason why actually now i want to be done with it is because im ashamed, i no longer want to dissapoint myself or my father who doesn't know about my addiction. Im afraid that if he finds out my failiers were caused by my own laziness he won't longer believe that i can achieve something in my life. I don't wish for this to happen because he is the only person that ever trully believed in me. All i want is to not dissapoint him. Im not able to focus at all and whenever im tyring to study i can't focus for even 10 mins. If anyone by any chance reads it and would like to share their own advices i would be really greatfull.
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