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  1. Sorry for not including the context, basically I'm moving to the US this July so my parents let me take a break from school this year (and it's near summer for me). I've tried the hobby tool before and none of those hobbies really pique my interest. I'll definitely check out that video. For what it's worth, I've decided to go to a bus stop for the first time but gave up because I didn't know how buses works. After that my online friend instructed me how and I'm eager to try it out someday. He also suggested I should just roam around and make friends with peers.
  2. Since I quit school, I have too much free time at home (10+) hours and I have no clue at how to spend all of these free time wisely. Some hobbies I've tried are programming, drawing, learning a new language and reading. I want to cut my screen time so programming is out of luck here. I'm struggling to grasp the basics of drawing and I'm often not in the mood for reading. Language learning feels very dry, especially with vocabularies. I can't go out much because my parents are busy with their work, but they've just bought me a rope so I'm trying skipping at the moment. Any other hobbies suggestions or motivation would be appreciated. ps: I'm only 14 so any business-related stuffs are out of question.