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    So this is my first journal entry. I started my journey two days ago, but didn't have the time to write them because I was catching up on school (that I missed because I was gaming). Anyways these past two days the extent to how much time I missed due to mindless gaming has really hit me. And yet, last night I still felt the desire to game. The specific game was SSBU because I had just finished my homework for Friday and wanted to relax. I would have, as well, if it weren't for the specific circumstances that prevented me from doing so. Today I am glad I didn't game because it didn't break my game-free streak. But it made me wonder if I should stop watching SSBU videos on my phone while eating meals. Maybe those videos, while seeming innocuous, were actually reminding me of the game subtly. I don't know. I know what I will do: try not watching those videos for a week and see if I still feel the urge to play SSBU. (I think the desire to play last night was also because I would have friends to play with, in real life.) It's tough, but I guess I can try just going cold turkey on videos, too. After all its only 90 days.
  2. I am grateful for my friends and family, who have supported me in so many little ways. I am grateful for my youth, as I still have a full life ahead and have so much potential. I am also grateful for this community here I just joined today. I make the first step today toward a better life, away from gaming addiction!
  3. Hello there, This is very strange for me because I have never joined an online forum before (mostly been lurking on Facebook and Reddit but never posted anything). But I figured if I was spending all day gaming and watching Youtube videos -- skipping class and work because of it -- I had a serious problem. I need somewhere I can express my troubles because none of my friends would understand. They would just say I have little self control, since they also game but in moderation. I game obsessively, and I know that I do so because I am scared at my procrastination and not turning in assignments on time. I just would like to say that I want to change. I want to achieve my ideal self, that is, to start running again, lift more, and do well in school and work. I hope by joining this community I will be able to stop compulsively gaming to escape my problems.
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