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  1. I started playing the game back in February 2018 and I deleted it at the beginning of 2019. This is my second and definitely last deletion. I deleted it once for only 3 months. Therefore, I played the game for a total of 8 months. I bought skins, starlight memberships, I gifted skins, I received skins, and I made many friends from different countries. . The reasons why I quit the game are divided into main main problems: 1- The Company’s greed & creed 2- The community 3- The friends 4- Thoughts 5- The personal problems (that you could also have if you were addicted) . 1- The Company’s greed and creed. The company naturally tries to gain money. One way to do that is to design new heroes. In order for the game to get more people to buy a hero, they make him ridiculously strong, affecting the balance of the match, the fairness of the play, and ultimately killing the fun, making you pissed off instead of amazed at an opponent’s skills otherwise. 2- The Community. MOBA communities are generally known to not being the nicest. As for my experience, the community of Mobile Legends is often unbearable. I get pissed off almost everyday at all sorts of acts from trash-talking to going afk because two players can’t act like adults. Why does a game make me feel the opposite of what a game supposed to make me feel? 3- The Friends. Most of the friends that you meet in Mobile Legends, and probably all MOBAs are only your friends because they expect you to help them win. You can be unfriended if you naturally become rusty for a few matches straight. (happened a lot) 4- Thoughts : I was thinking. Even if I become a really high level player, what does that add to me or to who I am? Reaching high ranks does not rank up my personality, it only ranks up my gaming account. 5- My personal problems. My personal problem is addiction - which stems to (A) health problems, involving my eyes - they twitch, blink, itch and ache on movement. However it is now better after rest. Also, my neck - it cracks when I move my head up and it has become an ugly habit that I try to stop. (B) Economical problems - it’s not just because I spent money on the game which I could spend somewhere else, it’s also because I neglected my small business completely! (C) Social problems - I don’t see my family and friends as often. I don’t like to receive calls. Calls will affect my game. One of my really close friends was so upset because he thought I didn’t like him anymore. It went that far. (D) Fitness problems - Because of my addiction, I don’t have a regular exercise and I feel like I lost my endurance. I decided to give it all away because my life doesn’t deserve to be wasted on that crap. I gave this game enough efforts and money and this doesn’t mean I have to give even more. I do naturally miss the game. I accept that. I know I can go back whenever I want. But I love my life more - I’ll see my family and friends more, I’ll start to take care of myself and my physique, and I’ll go back to my small business.