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  1. Hey Guywithdreams, I'd really encourage you to bring a bit more in here. What's your background with all of this? How did you get into it? What's the context? What are your challenges? What's the cost? The more you put in here the more connected. Great to have you here 🙂
  2. Hey Erik, Really wishing you the best of luck here. Thanks for sharing
  3. Hey Folks, 33yo guy from northern california. Grew up being in my head a lot and playing a lot of games. Tendencies toward depression that has ebbed and flowed. Ive done things I'm proud of. Spent 4 years as a full time kung fu student in china, done shittones of meditation, been a good friend to some people. Some of the states of consciousness I've gotten into, as well as an absence of goal orientation (present oriented) and maybe some excessive psychedelic use has left my mind open in some ways that while not inherently unpleasent, are very suceptible to being hyjacked by things like video games and porn. Definitely not happy with this. Would like to have better impulse control and committment to something bigger. For me this is a business I am starting. Nice to meet you folks
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