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  1. Hey Daniel, I'm new here. Just read some of your logging. Congrats on picking up the Piano man! If you ever have any questions or want to talk about it, I'm a musician so feel free to hit me up. - Dillon
  2. Hello my fellow quitters. My name is Dillon, and here's my story. I've been gaming since I was three years old and have loved it my entire life. I was never the most athletic kid, and often would get beaten in physical activity and picked last on the school yard pick. However, I was always very good at video games. In sixth grade, my dad got me Guitar Hero 3 and I started playing on expert overnight. My dad got me a real guitar, hoping I'd play but I ignored it. I began playing competitive Rockband my freshman year, and was so obsessed with the drums, I made it to the number one position in the world on the Playstation three leaderboards. I got a job but all my money went to Rockband. I ended up spending 2-3k on various equipment and DLC over time. I eventually decided it was too exhausting. Maintaining my spot at number one was a full time job and my grades were suffering. I sold my PS3 to game stop on an impulsive forced whim. I took up real instruments to fill the void and became what I guess you'd call a "virtuoso" as I play thirteen different instruments. I gained a social life in high school, and was accepted to a prestigious music college majoring in live guitar performance, something I loved to do. The craving came back, not just Rockband. I bought, to my mistake, a Playstation 4 and started gaming again. I would completely neglect my studies, staying up all hours of the night playing whatever. Dark Souls, Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Battlefield... Whatever suited my fancy. I started missing band practices, classes, and social events. I didn't come out of my room for days. I wasn't running from anything like others here say. I think it's the adrenaline rush. As previously said, I'm not into physical activity, and I like some feeling of competition sometimes. Video games give me that rush and competition fix. Nothing else excites me, and when I'm away always thinking about them, I feel excited in the pit of my stomach. I am now 40k dollars in debt, flunked out of college, have two failed engagements, and haven't played any of my instruments in about 3 months because I can't pry myself away from games long term. I could pay more on my debt, but I keep spending endless amounts of money I don't have on more game things. (I'm currently into Warframe and previously it was Smite. You can imagine the pain cries of my wallet). I have to get away. I've tried before with some success, but ultimately failed. I hope this community can be a safe place I can talk about my withdrawals and struggles, cause I know I'll have them. Thank You.
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