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  1. awesome man, yeah i agree comepletely , it really is our own path and its just one big part of the process. honestly after surfing the net , seeing if there were any other people like me, i was relieved to know im not the only one going through this self impreovement thing. ill check these guys out, itd be cool if we could talk or something over the internet, like skype , there are some cool people out there like yourself who are on the same wavelength as me, if you wanna hit me up on skype : ezioisfire thanks
  2. thanks for your great replies. yeah im gonna take on board what you both said, those videos helped a lot too, especially the how to leave the house more.just wish there could be people like you here, ah well, i got to try at least. thanks again
  3. hi there, im in Uni, and my roommate is a guy ive known for a large part of my life, we played a lot of games, from mmorpgs to anything else...the thiing is, i no longer click with him...since joining uni ive got new interests in guitar, languages and other things, my whole perception of life is differrrent to him..whereas he is still really immature and plays games all the time...to make it worse, he uses voice IP with another friend i have who is also still playing games...so im listening to them talk about their games a lot...and im in my room, just feeling trapped...i want more from life and want to live more interestingly...am i the one who is wierd? am i being too mature? i dont know,,im going through a lot of changes and discoveries about my life, i used to be depressed and fap a lot, but im on No Fap too and i wanna improve myself...i feel as though my whole life is changing...its got to the point where being around that roommate friend is draining me..and making me sad..i wanna break free from him, but i dont know how? can you answer my questions thanks
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