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  1. So its 12 days sense my last post. I've been slacking off the past couple weeks but its time to get back on track. Unfortunately did play some games if i'm being honest with myself which is a bummer. It was a reality check though and now I am on the path stronger than i was before. I have had a good couple weeks just been slacking off on school work but now its grind time. Going to do a 10 minute a day journal entry in here from this point on.
  2. Forgot to journal yesterday but I did everything I wanted to and had a really good day. This is the morning of day 5 I have school from 9-9 and work in the morning so doing this right now so I don’t forget. wanted to get some time to play piano but didn’t this morning going to need to figure out a scheduled time to get practice in. setting up my schedule for next semester lots of online classes unfortunatly. me my dad and his coworkers and my best friend started a 100 push-up a day journal for the month of April and the first day went good I’m at 35 right now doing the rest when I get home. video games: havnt played any at all I’m proud of myself. One thing I struggle with is not watching YouTube videos of the games I used to play. It doesn’t really make me want to play them but having them deleted really helps. If it was available on my computer I might convince myself it was okay to play one game after watching a video. But I havnt! Still going strong.
  3. Day # 3 3/31/2019 Gratitude journal Thankful for my brain that wrote an essay today and the really good fsmily dinner we had with everyone.  One amazing thing that happened/I did today Wrote a pretty good essay and got some work done. Workout/run + Meditation + Visualization - didn’t do it today forgot. Daily affirmation + Reading + taking notes + Getting to bed before 9pm + looks like it posting at 7:30  Weekly Goal(s) stay on track of plan and get ahead of homework. Monthly Goal learn piano man and finish my YouTube video. Also my book. Stay ahead of school. 3 Month Goal learn piano man and somewhere over the rainbow. Be finished with this semester. Have done at least 2 YouTube videos. What went well today: wrote a good essay and had a good family dinner.  What I could have done to make my day better: wasted some time on my phone but it’s sunday so that’s okay. What I will do differently tomorrow: work and stay on task the entire day.
  4. Day # 2 3/30/2019 I'm going to start my 90 day detox officially on April first for the sake of easy counting 3 months. I am still not going to play any games until that point. Gratitude journal I got to hangout with my wonderful family today. Took my grandma to the casino because that is what she likes to do in order to get out of the house and she won 100 dollars. I hangout with my mom and sister and had a good dinner. My dad made it home safe from up north and seems happy. (going through a tough relationship problem). I am healthy and one of my best friends remade the playlist that I accidentally deleted. That made me super happy. I used the remainder of my in store credit at the game store I go to for my boss's kids to buy more games. I gave them my Wii as a gift (but really was just trying to get rid of it). They seemed very happy. One amazing thing that happened/I did today My grandma won the big bucks and I actually got some work done not the minute before it was due. Workout/run Unfortunately no I am starting my routine tomorrow. Meditation Unfortunately no I am starting my routine tomorrow. Visualization Unfortunately no I am starting my routine tomorrow. Daily affirmation Unfortunately no I am starting my routine tomorrow. I am proud of myself for not playing any games I had an urge to play smash bros and resisted it. Im thinking of giving my console to a friend. Reading + taking notes I read but did not take notes, I'm not taking notes on this book. Getting to bed before 9pm Yep currently 7:50 where I am and going to bed right after I post this entry! Weekly Goal(s) Start my morning routine and do it every single day of the week. Also want to get ahead in my school work for once now that I have the willpower not to be distracted by video games. Monthly Goal Be completely game free and be "in a good way". Want to be headed towards a new me and not fall back into old routines. 3 Month Goal This is my 90 day detox completion at the end of August and I want to see the difference it made. Another goal is to see the benefits of my morning routine. What went well today: Didn't game and was able to hangout with family. What I could have done to make my day better: Still watched too much anime and you tube videos. Didn't get as much work done as I would've hoped because of that. What I will do differently tomorrow: I'm going to work on cutting out you-tube as a whole out of my routine same as gaming. But I want to keep anime and film in my life because its a art that I really do enjoy and appreciate. My plan is to limit my watching time to only one episode a day in order to not waste too much time.
  5. Hope i'm replying in the correct area, Thanks! I really appreciate the warm welcome that gives me a big confidence boost. Valley, Tempe bordering Chandler area. West Phoenix is pretty far depending on how West you go!
  6. Decided to go with this template seemed like a solid day to day routine to get myself in. Day # 1 3/29/2019 Gratitude journal (going to write what I am thankful here) My family is a big one that I want to spend more time with and that is something I can do when i quit games. My friends, my health, my studies. Everything in my life that I am thankful for does not get enough attention from me because I am focused on games. One amazing thing that happened/I did today I finally decided to get on this program and change my life. Workout/run part of my daily routine I am going to set up. Will put a Plus sign on this If I complete them everyday. Meditation part of my daily routine I am going to set up. Will put a Plus sign on this If I complete them everyday. Visualization part of my daily routine I am going to set up. Will put a Plus sign on this If I complete them everyday. Daily affirmation Your changing your life for the better keep up the good work. Reading + taking notes part of my daily routine I am going to set up. Will put a Plus sign on this If I complete them everyday. Getting to bed before 9pm This will become one of my weekly goals except for Tuesday because I have a night class that ends at 9pm. Weekly Goal(s) Get to bed before 9 am, set up a schedule for practicing piano, working out, reading, meditating, visualizing what I want to do. Monthly Goal Be completely game free, see a positive impact in my grades at school, 3 Month Goal I want to be well on my way towards my fitness goal, as well as have finished this semester with good grades. What went well today: I started this program and I will finish my homework tonight. What I could have done to make my day better: I relapsed and watched youtube videos, anime, and played games untill 3 pm when I woke up at 7am to do homework. What I will do differently tomorrow: I will start my work right away and complete my daily goals that I want to accomplish.
  7. Hello everyone my name is Ryan. After a month of trying to quit video games on my own and going through the same process of eventually finding my way back to them on the weekends which ended up with me playing all day. I finally caved and decided to get some help. I am from the U.S. specifically Arizona. My three main goals that I have had but never had time to complete because I would spend all my time gaming are, focusing more on my piano lessons, reading a book a month, and getting my body to a point physically I can be happy with. I look foreword to reading other peoples posts and story's on how they have quit and improved their lives.
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