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  1. Sorry for the clickbait, but I am not very creative with titles. I've already made it to over 200 days once, but then started playing again. I realized that it's not about games anymore. My problems lie deeper in different areas and video games just helped me to withstand the pain of my miserable lonely life. Edit: I am not saying that video games were a good thing in that aspect, no. They just delayed my recovery because I would not have to deal and think about my problems when I played. I recently jumped back on the train and I think I am on a good way of improving my situation, but it's still challenging. Anyways, some of you might be wondering why I am not following the structure of a classical introduction. The answer is simple: First of all it's everywhere on the stopgaming subreddit and second I don't want to make myself dependent on yet another website which could potentionally increase my internet time and help me procrastinate. I always wanted to register on this forum and now I finally did it.
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