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  1. Day 5 off gaming! Imma keep these short so I don't consume too much time. Pretty eventful. I got some video game cravings early in the morning and went into the social media stage. Eventually I got so video game hungry that I played a game of chess, hoping that would fulfill it and it did. As for youtube I stopped that because I couldn't find anything on my reccomended because it's blocked (Thankyou df youtube). As for after school I actually did homework, pretty happy with myself, didn't even procrastinate just went with the flow. I was super happy afterwards and I realize that this is a huge change for me. I'm only now starting to realize how much I rely on outside sources to help me with anti gaming (cams vids, hobby finder, chess.com, df youtube, even some website blockers) I'm really hoping that I will not go back to gaming. Or at least not go back to extreme gaming.