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  1. About me: My name is Sahar, I live in Israel, Im 18 years old. My story: I've been playing on the computer since I was very little, I remember playing GTA San Andreas a lot but i really just played it for an hour or two, the real issue started when i was 12, a really good friend of mine introduced me to gaming, we used to talk on Skype and play competitive games, as time went by i started giving up on social activities just to play on the computer, it was so bad i remember a friend of mine came to my house to call me over to play football, i told my parents to open the door and tell him im not gere just ao i could play on the computer until he gave up calling me and never cane again, i started losing friends, i stopped going out with friends, all i wanted is to play from when i wake up to when i go to sleep. Now? Now im stuck in the same position, here in israel you must go tothe army when you turn 18, i need to decide what i want to do in the army and my time for it is nearly over because i just play on the computer all day instead of talking with the army. I know inside that i got to stop this but i feel lime its controlling me. My social skills are low, I dont know how to talk with girls i like, no one invites me to go out or invite me to birthday parties because im very minor compared to all the "normal" people.