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  1. Day 3 finally able to get the gym membership in Probably will end up going to bed early just from feeling tired after work
  2. After relapsing I felt that I still needed to find new routines to replace my old routines I probably have to find more things to occupy my time with. Possibly do volunteering or find another job that deals with social skills. During the detox session before relapse I haven't gone outside and met new people so I'll have to start incorporate doing more volunteer service to get involved with any community events. One of my friends that I occasionally see flew back to Texas and another friend of mine is busy + his car broke down. I don't have school until Fall 2019 semester so the only possible ways for me to meet new people is to find a new job that involves communication between customers and coworkers, joining meetup groups to either learn new things or engage in activities that I enjoyed in the past, trying out martial arts at the Taekwando center at the shopping center that's about a mile away from my house, or to do volunteer services. Hope this answers your question
  3. Day 2 Finished a workout but don't know if it was enough. Will rest for tomorrow and start Wednesday. Tried calling Kaiser Permanente but their phone lines were closed so I'll have to call later in the day for tomorrow Looking to wake up early in the morning to get started on stuff early on before work but I keep running into the issue of walking to my phone alarm, setting it to snooze, and going back to bed.
  4. Day 1 After relapsing a week ago, I've decided to uninstall my only two games that I have been playing in order to get back into the 90-day detox phase. I wasn't exactly proud after playing games for a week after the relapse so yesterday I decided to cut off and go again with the detox. So far I haven't watched any gameplay videos on youtube or Twitch so that's not a bad start, but I haven't gone outside at all today which may be an issue. The only mode of transportation for me is the bus as I don't have a car, and the only time I really need to go anywhere is if I have to go to work (It's not far away from my house but I still hate working there -- I work a desk job). Also it was raining for most of the day so there wasn't any reason for me to go outside. All I did was review videos for the dropshipping course that I bought and made minor adjustments to my store. I haven't started the store and I've only realized that I am starting out with more products to test than I needed to for the focus of a general store -- no specific audience yet. Pomodoro sessions so far: 7/10 with 25 minutes per session and 5 minute breaks. Don't know if I should count watching the instructional video as work time or if work time should count if I'm working on the website itself. I'll figure this out soon. Tomorrow I'll plan on starting a gym membership plan provided by Kaiser Permanente. To describe it, you enter the program by paying $200 to start a year-long gym membership (until the end of 2019) and if you successfully visit the gym for 30-minute workout sessions then you will be rewarded the $200 that you've spent. I already have a gym in our home garage but I've been neglecting it as I felt that it was digging into my time for working on the online business (that turned out to be a mistake as I ended up not working on the online business as much). I just have to call tomorrow morning and ask for the enrollment, pay the $200, and begin the plan. There was also a 15-day challenge that I was supposed to do for Facebook chatbots but I've been neglecting that as well. Will be going over the videos day-by-day until I go to bed tonight. Too often I reflect on how often I've neglected on everything out of laziness or out of wanting to play games -- school, personal projects, personal fitness, etc. Right now I want to make a difference from the past that I'm leaving behind, even though it's going to be difficult along the way. In order to hold myself accountable, I'll make sure that I use this forum as a diary input. No longer will my journal entries be restricted to my notebook -- I'll be open for constructive feedback if anyone chooses to read this and future posts.
  5. As much as I don't want to admit it, I ended up relapsing after detoxing for a month (started detox on January 6th, relapsed on February 10th). Ended up having trouble falling asleep on the tenth and ended up downloading a BR game (Apex Legends) for which I ended up binge gaming from 2 am to 8 pm. That ruined my track record for keeping up with my drop shipping store for the past week so I plan to restart the detox today. I didn't restart the detox during the week after the day of relapse since I lost motivation to keep with my online store, but during this weekend I was able to uninstall Apex and the Origin software. During the detox phase it didn't help that I would watch Twitch/Youtube videos while working full time (office desk worker gig) so I feel that is one problem area that I have to address. As for the activities that I could be engaging in besides online business, there is more to fill in that void besides attempting to run an online store. Volunteering has come to mind and I do plan to see my DVR counselor for college in the upcoming Fall Semester. I just have to remember to review the training modules and fill in my time with more social activities. Also my full time job is depriving me of any social contact with other people since all I do is work at a desk. Will have to look for restaurant jobs as a busser. UPDATE: To track the amount of time that I spend on Twitch/Youtube, I downloaded a Chrome extension that records the amount of time use on the internet and it into divides types of productivity categories ranging from very distracting to very productive. I'll be using this to keep myself from lingering on distracting contact for more than an hour per day (may even reduce the time to 30 minutes per day). This means that Twitch/Youtube will be tracked for usage.
  6. For now I will be trying to figure out ways to invest in the money that I have. I currently am working at a 9-5 job which I hope to get out of, and I have until August to be prepared for the Fall 2019 semester of college. For this time I hope to engage in ways to invest money such as trading stocks, drop-shipping, and running a chat bot agency. I haven't fully solidified myself in one of these three areas mentioned but for now I am focusing on drop-shipping. Even though this type of work will leave me tired through parts of the day, I don't plan on quitting any of these goals just so that I can return to playing video games (it's not in my best interest at the moment). I hope to stay updated on this stuff, though most of my planning is already being done through writing in my journal.
  7. Hello, I'm 22 years old and I hope to abstain from video games for the upcoming 90 days and beyond. I've been playing since a young age and video games have been a major part of my life, which is a problem because I have lost interest in playing games in the past. Still, I end up relapsing and getting back into playing games with the idea that I can either get into streaming or that I can live with playing video games competitively (Overwatch, CSGO). These ideas have failed to become reality, and now I am stuck in this relapse loop where it feels like I am going no where with myself. So far, video games have derailed me from finishing school and it has kept me from socializing with people. I hope to make up for that now by finding new activities to engage in, and potentially get myself back into school to earn my degree. Many times I have attempted to stop playing games, but so far it feels like I don't have any control over myself. With that said, I hope to make up for myself, learn new things, and feel better about myself in the process. This won't be easy, but I will do my best to stay on track with quitting video games, along with avoiding getting myself sucked into other bad habits such as smoking or drinking. I will keep in touch during this journey. Thank you